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Ireland’s post-retirement ARF (Approve Retirement Fund) is the envy of the Western world. The removal of the compulsory annuity purchase at retirement age has resulted in strong growth in pension schemes in Ireland. The ARF regime is available for Personal Pensions & PRSAs, Company Directors (holding 5% or more) and AVC monies. Where individuals in their working lives can recoup losses and retrieve downside positions that come about as a consequence of poor investment choice or arising from bad advice or unlucky timing, a pensioner in this position is unlikely to have similar recovery opportunities. For this reason, the ARF instruments portfolio chosen at retirement age may well prove to be the most important financial decision that we ever face.

Investment Options

-  Equity Funds  
-  Own Shares Portfolio
-  Managed Funds  
-  Protected Funds  
-  Cash Funds
-  Property  
-  Annuities

Liberty ARF

The Freedom ARF is a self-administered ARF and differs from an Insurance Company ARF in many ways – the main one being the flexibility to invest the assets wherever you want and “how the assets are held”. Many clients are uncomfortable with the notion that their ARF is held “on the balance sheet” of the Insurance Company. This means that if the Insurance Company gets into difficulty, the ARF policyholder must join the queue with other creditors in an attempt to get their assets back. The advantage of the self-administered ARF is that;

1.    Cash is held in a designated client bank account – separate from JLT's own bank accounts.
2.    Stocks and shares are held in a nominee account with a registered stockbroker – separate from JLT assets.
3.    Property is held in the name of the ARF on behalf of the policyholder and title deeds are deposited with a solicitor.

Charges & Fees

The charging structure for our self administered ARF is quite flexible and is normally agreed on a case-by-case basis, depending on the size and complexity of the assets.  

Early Exit Penalties

Those extra allocations given by the Insured ARF at the outset are instrumental in “tying” the client to the Insurance Company for the first 5 years – which may not be in the best interest of the client. What we give is absolute flexibility and if you or the client decides next year that you no longer wish to deal with Liberty, you have the freedom to instruct us to transfer the ARF to a new provider at zero cost. There is no early exit penalty and no other strings holding you to JLT.

Freedom to Invest

As mentioned above, you have the freedom to invest a self-administered ARF wherever you wish. That means that you could use bank accounts, direct property, direct shares etc. – but if you wish you could mix Insurance Company funds in there also. All in all, the self-administered ARF can mix the higher allocations from the Insured product with the flexibility to invest assets directly with banks, stockbrokers and property.

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