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The Rationale for Pension schemes

The essential aim of a pension scheme is to make provision for members and their dependants by providing a base for financial security at retirement. Private pension’s provision is regarded as particularly necessary in Ireland, where State benefits are relatively modest. Indeed, the State encourages private pension’s provision by granting generous tax relief’s and incentives to both employers and employees. Pension schemes are therefore a very tax-efficient form of compensation in this country. 

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Personal Retirement Savings Accounts (PRSAs): This is a special type of personal pension policy that is designed to be more flexible than the traditional Personal Pension Plan. Anyone up to age 75 can take out a PRSA. You don’t have to be earning an income, (although you won’t get tax relief on your contributions unless you have an income).

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A Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) is a personal pension set up for the self employed and individuals in non pensionable employment. It provides you with the option of choosing when, where and how you invest the assets of your pension fund. The range of investment options are extensive and include: property, structured deposits and direct investment in stocks and shares. The facility to borrow within your SIPP is also available. Further information on this is available from your financial advisor.

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A Small Self-Administered Pension (SSAP) is a corporate pension scheme with 12 or fewer members. An SSAP is established under trust by an employer, for the benefit of some or all of its directors and key employees.
An SSAP is established under trust by a company’s directors. They are the ‘members’ and ‘trustees’ of the pension scheme. An SSAP provides a tax-efficient environment in which a company’s profits can be invested to provide retirement benefits for directors. As the fund grows it can work for the member and still be free from creditors should the company go into liquidation.

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The Liberty ARF is a self-administered ARF and differs from an Insurance Company ARF in many ways – the main one being the flexibility to invest the assets wherever you want and “how the assets are held”. Many clients are uncomfortable with the notion that their ARF is held “on the balance sheet” of the Insurance Company. This means that if the Insurance Company gets into difficulty, the ARF policyholder must join the queue with other creditors in an attempt to get their assets back.

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